Adanely Duenas

Nely was born in Mexico and raised in East Oakland, California. She is a formerly incarcerated woman, a daughter, a sister, and a proud Latina.  Because of her life and how she experienced it, Nely is now an active organizer in her community. She has been organizing with and for her people since 2019. She […]

Meagan Domingo

When Meagan was a child, CPS and DCFS were consistently a part of her family dynamic, and at the young age of 16 she was already homeless. After barely graduating high school, she packed up and moved 400 miles away for a fresh start.  After some time, she began to recognize education as a tool […]

Alex Volpe

Alex Volpe is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Beloved Community Housing. Alex has been working with underserved youth and families for 20+ years. Upon completing her Masters in Social Work at the University of Chicago in 2005, Alex worked as a therapist at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, a residential treatment facility in […]

Mel Siltanen

Mel’s critical understanding of the criminalization of poverty and gender comes from her own experience as a systems-impacted, single mother living in Oakland, California. Her journey with YWFC began in 2015, where she enrolled in YWFC’s Sisters on the Rise Program.  Deeply impacted by her experience, Mel formally joined the Center as staff in 2019. […]